•   Benjamin Millpied 
  Benjamin Millpied 

Benjamin Millepied 

Artistic director, LA Dance Project

Former artistic director, Paris Opera Ballet 

“When I founded LA Dance Project, one of the most important qualities I was interested in was how well my dancers could double as leaders. I had the pleasure of seeing Amanda perform with the Stephen Petronio Company in New York City, so I was aware of how accomplished a dancer she was. After I asked her to become a founding member of LADP, Amanda proved to have an incredible work ethic and her ability to adapt to our fast-paced and ever-changing environment further emphasized her level of professionalism. While on tour, a critical function of our company was to offer classes in the local communities where we performed. In the classroom Amanda is a very talented teacher, capable of working with a wide range of age groups. She has the ability to help students improve their technique by articulating movement in a remarkably clear manner. With strong dedication to the art of dance and the gift of clarity in movement, she is adept at keeping students engaged and inspired.”

  •   Lawrence Ewing  
  Lawrence Ewing  

Lawrence Ewing

Executive director, Marin Ballet

“Amanda is an excellent employee who approached her work with commitment, determination, professionalism, and a real interest in her students and what they could gain from excellent training. She is knowledgeable, experienced, nurturing in spirit, and just an overall lovely person to be around. Her students not only learned a great deal from Amanda in the studio, but also gained inspiration from Amanda’s mentorship and role-modeling.”

  •   Rita Dale
  Rita Dale

Rita Dale

Parent of former student at Marin Ballet

“My daughter Natasha graduated from Marin Ballet in 2017, where she was fortunate to train in her upper division years under Amanda Wells. Ms. Wells is an excellent dance instructor whose passion for this art form, expertise and ability to instill confidence in her students help to draw out their full potential, master their technique and enjoy the process of learning. Natasha thrived in the positive, creative and nurturing atmosphere of Ms. Wells’ classes. As a mom and a teacher myself, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Wells to anyone who needs support in their ballet training.”

  •   Gino Grenek
  Gino Grenek

Gino Grenek

Former assistant to the director, Stephen Petronio Company

“I have had the distinct honor and privilege of sharing both the studio and the stage with Amanda. During this time, she approached the work with extreme care, commitment, and love. She is always passionate about learning and, more importantly, forever generous with the knowledge she acquires. Through her previous classical ballet and modern dance training her continued studies in yoga, Amanda has developed an acute understanding of the body. Her precision, articulation, and attention to detail are beautiful.”

  •   Angelica Viana
  Angelica Viana

Angelica Viaña

Second company, Ballet Hispanico, graduate of CalArts 

“I looked forward each morning to receive technique class from Amanda. Afterwards I knew I felt embodied, warm and thoughtful about movement and shapes. Throughout the class I enjoyed hearing about her professional experiences in the dance world and it helped me develop a sense for what the current climate of the dance world is like. It also helped me figure out what dance companies are looking for. Amanda is a very versatile teacher both amazing in ballet and contemporary techniques. During her classes she helped me develop a strong anatomical awareness for movement efficiency, this correction helped me immensely in both ballet and contemporary techniques. The “going across the floor” phrases were my favorite because it allowed me to explore artistry while applying and exploring the bodily knowledge I received that day. Thank you for always bringing your professionalism and that I aspire to be! Your generosity and warmth as a professor in dance kept me motivated and ready for the dance world in all angles today.”

  •   Armando Estrada
  Armando Estrada

Armando Estrada

Graduate of American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) 

“Learning from Amanda Wells was one my favorite experiences from college at AMDA. From her technique and choreography to her style of teaching, she always made me feel excited about class. She is an amazing dancer as well as a teacher and with that she is the golden ticket to a student eager to grow.” 

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