“…Amanda Wells has a sassy dynamism.”

- Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

“Amanda Wells inhabits his movement with grace and confidence and is impossible not to watch, even with others on stage.”

- Quinn Baston,

“The climax of the dance is a breathtaking solo by Amanda Wells, whose uncanny suppleness and fierce muscularity, hidden inside a deceptively lithe body, make her quick, intricate articulations virtually supernatural.“

- Gus Solomons Jr,

“Amanda Wells does a ravishing solo in silence that captures female power with a sensuous, sinewy, fluidly articulated, nonstop spill of motion, lit sculpturally from above.”

- Gus Solomons Jr, Dance Insider

“First, the dancers. Millepied has selected well. He has gathered six exceptional men and women, each with a charismatic and distinct personality, (including) fluid Amanda Wells… an exciting group that I would enjoy watching repeatedly.”

- Laura Bleiberg LA Weekly, LA Weekly

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