Contemporary Private ( Semi-Private ) 

Photo by Christian Witkin

Contemporary dance supports classical training by encouraging freedom within the body while continuing to concentrate on specificity of movement. For those who aspire to join a professional company, it is imperative to have a diverse set of dance skills. Contemporary training introduces the body to different modes of movement, various ways to initiate movement and the preparation necessary to meet the unpredictable demands of different choreographers. 


These classes aim to help refine and challenge the contemporary dance student as well as those fully immersed in classical training. 


A little more about my contemporary experience: I have had the pleasure to perform professionally with two very different contemporary companies. First, I was in New York for 10 years with Stephen Petronio Company. The creative process and performing experience was primarily about the process of mastering movement and finding meaning within the movement while touring extensively. Second, I was one of the founding members of LA Dance Project, a repertory touring company. This meant with each piece there was a new choreographer and creative process. This type of work demanded the ability to learn choreography of different styles in a very fast paced environment. Both company experiences representative of what will be found in any professional environment today. 

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